Information about the Winners

Award for Innovation in Aerosol Package Design  2013: Glow Spray- Lindal Group

GLOW SPRAY is a product which enables the user to spray 鈥渓iquid鈥 light onto every surface. By using the BI POWER technology both products are kept separately until the consumer presses the actuator. By opening the valve the two products mix in the actuator and a fluorescent liquid is sprayed.

The innovation could only be done thanks to LINDAL麓s Bi-Power Valve, which is able to mix two products in the actuator or outside the actuator. Thanks to bag technology the user is also able to spray 360掳 and the products stay separate from the propellant.

Innovation because it makes the product fun to use and has many possible applications.

Award for the Most Innovative Aerosol Product 鈥 Granulox- Sastomed GMBH
The new hemoglobin spray GRANULOX for treatment of chronic wounds is one example of an innovative approach using BOV.

Insufficient oxygen supply to wounds has long been recognized as a central problem in wound healing.

Hemoglobin is used in order to improve oxygen supply to chronic wounds.

GRANULOX is the first product to solve this problem, thereby decisively accelerating wound healing. The hemoglobin-based formulation sprayed onto the wound area is able to penetrate the exudate and thereby increase the level of oxygen in the wound.

Award for Environmental Achievement & Sustainability in the Aerosol Industry & Award for Most Creative Aerosol Marketing Strategy 2013- Dry Shampoo- Henkel AG&CoKGaA

For re-launching into the market an already existing product that contributes to sustainability opening a gate to a new market category that is environment-friendly.

By launching their DRY SHAMPOO, Henkel is offering an alternative, disruptive approach to reducing the environmental footprint much more drastically. The cleansing principle of the Dry Shampoo is based on a formula containing rice starch which, thanks to the aerosol application, can be distributed evenly onto the hair and brushed off some minutes later.

By using the Dry Shampoo the consumer is independent from their usual "hair washing routine". Hair care is easy, it spares the use of warm water and also minimizes the need for energy-intensive blow drying. This cosmetic product innovation offers an intelligent, innovative and sustainable solution to the consumer.

Special Jury Awards:

Schwarzkopf Color Ultimate- Henkel AG&CoKGaA & Mousse Absolute - L麓Or茅al

For facilitating the application of a well-known product in the consumer's benefit, which is present across all the awarded categories.

These hair coloring products, through a series of technological innovations both in their formulation and packaging, make it easier for the consumer to use, opening a new window to a public that seeks convenience and comfort in application together with gentleness in hair care.