Area Socios

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Our Project

The SPANISH AEROSOL ASSOCIATION (AEDA) is a non-profit association which brings together the various sectors of Spain’s aerosol industry, ranging from suppliers of components and chemical materials to fillers and manufacturers of aerosol products. AEDA is made up of small, medium-sized, and large enterprises, including multinational corporations.
The foundational objective of aerosol research and promotion exemplifies an ongoing effort which involves the participation of many associated experts.

AEDA Mission

AEDA works to achieve its objectives in various areas, both national and international.

Essentially, it liaises closely with the global aerosol industry through the EUROPEAN AEROSOL FEDERATION (FEA). Through the FEA, it has access to knowledge about all legislation regulating aerosol.

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AEDA is a regular presence at meetings and conferences organized by the FEA in order to maintain permanent contact with other associations and international organizations. It has also established an ongoing relationship with the chemical and supply industry, with the objective of actively participating in the development and future of each and every aspect that encompasses the concept of aerosol.

Another continuous activity of AEDA is establishing relationships with State and Autonomous Administration Bodies for a better understanding of the aerosol industry and to guard against potential problems that could occur in the development of aerosol.


Serve and promote the aerosol industry.

Provide leadership and support to members of the Spanish Aerosol Industry.

Proactively position our industry.

Establish criteria with regard to environmental impact.

Set high standards in safety, manufacturing, and storage.

Promote and defend the aerosol industry.